Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear Comrades,

This is a call for JUSTICE, our community is under attack by local police.

Recently a man of 45 yrs, Francisco Moran, was murdered by Modesto Police Department officers Joseph Lamantia, Robert Laxton.

The police was called to their home late Sunday night early Monday morning to resolve a family dispute, they claim the family warned them he had a knife.

When the police arrived they found a man on the ground, apparently hurt by Francisco Moran, when he pushed him to the ground. The Police say they tasered him, but failed and then fired after he launched at them with a metal object which now the media and the cops are reporting that it was a spatula.

The police accounts are not the same accounts the family knows. The police claim they shot him when it was clear that their lives were in danger after he launched at them with a metal object they claim to have been a spatula.

Francisco Moran was shot 6 times, once on the upper right side of the forehead, once in the throat, twice on the chest above/on the heart and twice on his left bicep that we know of so far.

The police proceeded to cuff him after the killer shots!

Francisco's family says he never moved his feet towards anybody, and the metal object was made up because it turns out to be a wooden spoon which he never pulled out of the waist of his pants, simply reached for it.

The Police interviewed Francisco's wife, who witnessed the murder, for several hours. She states that she was "released" after 10 am. Also present was the 16 yr old daughter. At the moment, Mrs. Moran does not want to talk to the press or press charges. The rest of the family is furious and ready to take action steps for justice.

Professionals have yet to offer any assistance, right now all the family knows is what the cops are telling them, that is as professional as it has gotten. Where is the NAACP, or the ACLU? Where are the local counselors, the legal advisors?

Modesto CopWatch, Modesto Anarcho, Sacramento Sol Collective, immigrant rights leaders, and non affiliated folks were protesting outside the police station on Saturday afternoon. 10 protesters were present, the media was invited, but they had no interest unless the family was going to be present.

Well guess what? The protestor’s effort’s to support the family was definitely effective. The family drove by the police station and saw the small crowd and decided to join us, 20 deep!! (That means there were 20 of them) There, is where we heard the true story of the murder of Francisco Moran.

Basically we have questions and we need professional help.

If you could please guide us to the right lawyer who is willing to fight for justice for Francisco, we need someone to help the 16 yr old and the others that witnessed the murder, we need answers!

Thank you, and please keep yourself posted! It's a war out here.......

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