Saturday, January 12, 2013

Justice for Ernest Duenez Jr! .- Jail for John Moody!

This is the shocking dash cam videoo from Officer John Moody's cop car. Moody shoots Ernest 13 times in less than 5 seconds. The report indicates moody was justified because he felt his life was in danger. Ernest was allegedly holding a knife when he was coming out of the truck, that is not clear in the video, but what is clear is that Moody is guilty of being a coward for shooting so many times. Some call that cold blooded murder, its definately overkill. When  Moody is asked how many times he thinks he shot he really low balls it..listen for yourself.  The video shows Moody asking for a knife at one point and uses it to cut ernest's shirt in half as he continues to search for the missing knife. Later he is seen placing the knife on the truck and later another cop with gloves on picks up the knife and walks away with it. That was suspicious. The report did not include pictures of the knife.

The Family has made this video public since the case was closed and justified by Stockon DA- James P. Willet. Apperantly Moody states he recalled that in training he was told a man can throw a knife as far as 20 feet and felt his left was in danger when he saw the knife ernest was allegedly holding. The report is available to the public-and we have posted it on this blog.

Appearantly this videos has made it into many homes and has made many very angry. People from all over the world have contacted the Duenez family to show solidarity. The Family recently attended the Stockton City council Meeting with the family of Jmaes Rivera also killed by cops and was justified by Stockton's DA as well. In solidarity represented in the streets and days later showed up at the courthouse when a man from Roseville was arrested and charged for making statements on facebook about Moody. Moody pressed charges against this man who is now being represnted by a lawyer willing to protect his right to freedom of speech-" 50 rounds to your dome Moody"- click on the link below the video for more info about this facebook drama.......

The family will continue to fight for Justice- they call for Moody to be fired and suien the city for wrongful death. The lawsuit will continue and they protest and supporters will keep growing. Please share the story, and keep your cameras ready and record when you see a pig! We will keep you posted.

DA James P Willet says John Moody was justified in shooting Ernest Duenez - read the report!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tuesday, December 13th in Stockton Ca.

Author of ‘Our Enemies in Blue,’ Kristian Williams argues that policing in America has more to do with enforcing race and class inequalities than stopping crime or keeping people safe. An organizer with Portland Copwatch, Williams argues that those that organize against police brutality must harbor no illusions about the role of police within our society. The police grew out of slave catchers, border patrols, and strike breakers and that role remains the same today - only more powerful and with better weapons. Williams offers an analysis of the police and also an insight on how to organize and confront police violence - head on.

On Tuesday, December 13th, Modesto Anarcho will host in this event at 7pm (food at 6pm), 421 Miner Street, Stockton Ca.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday OCT 22- Caravan of Resistance- From Stockton to Manteca to Modesto- In Solidarity with National Day Against Police Brutality


11:00 am Stockton
Meet @ Stockton Police Station 22 E. Market St.

12:30 pm Manteca
Meet @ Manteca Police Station 1001 W. Center St.

2:00 pm Modesto
Meet at the Stanislaus County Jail 1115 H St.

Community Forum on State Repression Cesar Chavez Park @ 4pm

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Press Release & Demo at Justice for James Rivera July 22nd 2011, Stockton, Ca.

* * * FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 22, 2011 * * * (STOCKTON, CA) California residents gather to help each other cope with the statewide disaster of police brutality and call for justice for its victims, including Ernest Duenez, Kenneth Harding, Charles Hill, Jagtar Singh Kang, David “Deacon” Turner, and Carrick “Eric” Vigen, to name a few. All six were killed by law enforcement in as many weeks, in Manteca, San Francisco, Yuba City and Bakersfield. Event organizers – including Mothers Cry for Justice, the Oscar Grant Committee, and the Central Valley Coalition Against Police Violence – are coming together from across the state as well.

The groups chose today, in Stockton, because it has been one year since James Rivera, Jr., was killed by members of the Stockton Police and San Joaquin County Sheriffs departments, and the family still has no closure and no answers. The officers who killed Rivera last year fired over 30 bullets at the 16 year old, were cleared of wrongdoing, and are still patrolling the streets today.

“Since the videotaped murder of Oscar Grant and 11 month slap-on-the-wrist sentence for Mehserle, it seems police are getting more violent, more often,” said Cary Downs, stepfather of James Rivera, Jr. “Our family still has no closure, we still worry about our loved ones being victimized by police, and it seems like every week another family gets thrown into this trauma. This is happening to African American families, white families, and especially Latinos and other immigrants who may not speak much English—and it’s just got to stop.”

Mesha Monge-Irizarry is the Director of the Idriss Stelley Foundation, named after her son, Idriss, who was killed in 2001 at the Metreon movie theater, shot by nine S.F. police officers who fired over 48 rounds. Irizarry has a clear plan: “We need Civilian Review Boards in every city, and the Boards need full power to discipline officers.” She continues, “and until grieving families enter, en masse, into a class action lawsuit for illegal and lethal, racially-biased policing, until we petition the Department of Justice and march to Washington, DC, our youth will keep dying violent deaths at the hands of the ‘Thugs In Blue.’”

“Law enforcement cannot be trusted to investigate themselves, especially with corruption running rampant among officers in Fresno, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Stanislaus Counties, including bribery, conspiracy, drug dealing, murder, prostitution, buying guns for minors, and stealing evidence. In San Francisco alone corruption has forced the District Attorney to throw out over 800 cases,” says Tomas Mas of Modesto Copwatch. “And they commit perjury regularly, as we saw in the Mehserle trial.”

Coalition members are like a new kind of “First Responder,” explains Rachel Jackson of the New Years Movement. “We’re a bit like the Red Cross or Search & Rescue teams. We see a disaster – in this case police violence – and we set out to support each other, mobilize, train and build the movement for human rights in the process.” Jackson concludes, “With rampant racial profiling, mass incarceration and torture in prisons, and increasingly militarized police, we have our work cut out for us. But if we can change things here in California, folks can make change anywhere.”

On a quick note as we were marching a female Police Officer asked us what this was about. Words were mentioned regarding about James Rivera & whatnot. One of us said "you should be ashamed and at your dept." She says like 3-5 times. "why, it wasn't me, it wasn't my dept." For the Record, it was in fact her dept. Both San Joaquin City & Sheriffs dept. in the murder of James Rivera.

Organizers are seeking: 1) An end to police acting as judge, jury and executioner, and a stop to firing squads on our streets; 2) Independent, criminal investigations of all officers who kill and/or abuse citizens; 3) An end to the criminalization of our youth and the militarization of our streets. We are “the people,” not “the enemy!”

After the Rally, the public was invited to a memorial celebration and vigil for James Rivera, Jr., from 4:30pm to 7:00pm, at Salters Drive & Bancroft Way, where James Rivera, Jr. was killed in 2010.

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