Sunday, July 25, 2010

R.I.P. James Rivera


  1. The racist murder of James Rivera was an act of terrorism by the Stockton Police. There is over 16% unemployment in the black community and this attack was meant to terrorize people who might want to organize against this oppression. It will not work as I heard the workers in this neighborhood say "No justice, no peace"

  2. terror begets terror. who in their right mind thinks this shitty little criminal, gangbanger is so innocent? how many innocent lives has he ruined? anybody? huh? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! maybe if his mother had held him accountable and slapped the shit out of him the FIRST TIME he committed a crime, he wouldn't be dead now and her collecting a big fat paycheck from the SJ county after she files a wrongful death suit. she will file this suit and say that her poor, misunderstood "baby" was killed by the big bad white police because they hate blacks....never taking into account what SHE could have done to save his life. she, nor his prison inmate father gave TWO SHITS ABOUT HIM, because if they had, his ass woulda been kicked and he'd be taking his fucking SAT's to get into college right about now. if the white police hate blacks, mexicans, asians, it is the ones that go around terrorizing not just whites, but everyone they happen to come across. i see it every single day of my life when i make my commute from small town california to the bay area. i see black, asian and mexican gang banger shitheads cut in line, be rude, cuss people out, physically intimidate and generally behave like menaces to society. they do not behave kindly or politely, which is a basic rule if you want to get along in life. NO....these kids, no matter what color, are terrorizing the rest of society and we are all supposed feel sorry when they get what is coming to them? NOT!

  3. Christi! If the kid was your brother, this would've never left your little brain.
    Don't victimize yourself... LOL... You would never talk like this in the real world! Come out the closet and see how fast you get bashed. LOL... I will kill your Bitch ass myself.