Saturday, July 24, 2010


on Friday July 23, community people gather at the corner house where the police forced the van into the garage wall and murdered James Rivera. Today was James Rivera's 17th birthday, which he did not get to see.

People from Modesto and Stockton came to supportthe families involved. Over 50 people of different colors and sizes were there.

A community BBQ banner full of messages for James was located on the boarded up hole. Chicken, Ribs, hot dogs, and lots more was cooked while folks conversed about the tragedy and loss of James Rivera. Some did it over dominoes and some while getting a hair cut, others just chillin'.

a few women went house to house asking people to sign a petition that supports a peoples review committee that can get answers during situations like this one. The People are ready to hold the cops and other officials accountable for the murder of James River, Joey Pinasco and many other victims of police executions.

Donations were collected and are still being accepted. They have a Donation account with BofA acct.# 0155-615642 under James Rivera They will also have a car wash at the corner of 8th & Airport way on Saturday.

Many details were spoken of that did not agree with police statements, and a lot of disturbing stories.

A young women was arrested/or detained because she could not ID him when they wanted her to. She claims she was mentally exhausted and could not ID him. The insensitivity of the police is outrageous and intolerable.

Latex gloves lay all around the yard, broken plastic pieces and a boarded up wall. Apparently James hit two giant metal mail boxes as he was approaching the wall. The boy could have been injured and explains why he did not get out of the car when they called him out. Even if he wanted to get out for them he wouldn't have escaped the bullets that followed 2 seconds after the command.

A town hall meeting was held at 7:30 at the NOI Mosque in Stockton. Less people attended this meeting than the one on Wednesday, yet it was full enough to feel empowered. The Uncle of James spoke out and the family shared a bit about the story when the police came to their home in the early morning of Thursday. There are a lot of un answered questions and time is passing by.There is no time to waste.

They will be attending the city council meeting on Tuesday at 5 pm to demand a private investigation. They are not interested in what the police find out about how they murdered James Rivera. They want their own Investigation.

BE AT THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING ON TUESDAY AT 5 ! Bring signs and your questions and demands.

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