Friday, July 23, 2010


On the morning of July 22 at around 11:30 16 year old James Rivera was killed in premedatated murder, since the family had been warned hours before he was killed.

According to James Rivera's mother and auntie police came to her house late at night/early morning before the murder and terrorized the family. Police held a gun at an eleven yr old while a ten year old was in the room and told them they were going to kill James when they found him and that they were all going to a funeral.

Later that morning, according to family and friends, he was pulled over then released and then chased. As he crashed into a fence and made a u turn , police rammed the back of the blue van which caused the van to go out of control. The van went onto a lawn of a corner house on Salters Dr. and Bancroft Way, finally crashed straight into the garage wall where the van seemed to be lodged into.

Officers exited their vehicles and asked James to exit the van twice but 2 seconds later they began to shoot. Over 30 rounds have been estimated to be found. Witnesses believe that police used 9mm handguns and fully automatic M-16 assault riffles.The police have now stated that M-16 were not used, contrary to witnesses statements and picttures that have yet to be published.

Witnesses say that the ambulance arrived with out their sirens and left without them, as if there was no urgency. The peple believe that he was dead at the scene. They saw officers pull him out and slap his face and then do nothing.

Reportors are saying that police stated the persuit began at 10:30 after finding the van that had been part of a carjacking with a shotgun. It has not been said if this was the van, and the police do not mention any previous encounters with James Rivera.
The media has yet to report the truth, i know we heard the people speak the truth and thats not what they are printing.

People came out in rage of what they had just witnessed. "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" the poeple chanted until the officials Chaplin later came to them and asked them to be quiet.

in the Stockton Record Stockton Police Spokesperson Pete Smith agreed that the crowd was "upset and very vocal about their concerns" but was also recorded threatening the community "Let officers complete thier investigation and not unduly create any other situations that would need any kind of police investigation"

Although the people continued to chant after the Chaplin told a couple that it would do them no good, people realized the importance of speaking up for injustices like this one. There will be a bbq on friday July 23, to celebrate James Rivera's 17th birthday and to empower the community.

Later that night while people continued to observe and excercise thier freedom of speech the police harrased a young man for not having a light on his bike which he rode from literally across the street after insulting the officers behavior. Appearantly the cop who cited the young man was making jokes and laughing at James Rivera's mother and made her leave in tears.

Witnesses say he was doing it in retaliation for calling out names. The same cop threw a glass bottle at the street where several young children were standing in their yard. The glass broke and shattered very close to the childrens feet.

Prosecutors are looking into whether the shooting was justified...........

The Stockton police officers involved in the shooting were Officer Eric Azarvand, a 14-year department veteran; Officer Gregory Dunn, with the department eight years; and San Joaquin County sheriff's deputy John Thomas Nesbitt, with 11 years at the sheriff's department

Bring SIGNS AND DEMENDS! Instruments and other noise makers....

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